Curse of Strahd

Chapter 5: Calling Forth the Fire

Greybeard hears the call of Izek. And Greybeard responds.

Greybeard and Hadriel exit the Blue Water Inn to face Izek…and a town guard of twelve positioned behind him. Greybeard struts to the forefront, throws aloft the doll of Ireena that he had purchased, and divides it in twain with the might of his axe.

Meanwhile, Talitha makes her way through an upstairs window to the roof, while Amaterasu escorts Ireena and Ismark through the backdoor of the inn.

Greybeard and Talitha ready their attack as Izek and his guard move on the inn. Izek presents the unholy abomination of his arm and from it erupts a flame that arcs to the roof of the Inn, catching it ablaze. Then, him and his men move farther forward, engaging in melee with Greybeard and Hadriel.

Surrounded by guards, the two adventurers are fallen upon by spears, swords, and the terrible axe if Izek Strazni. While the thick wall of man that is Hadriel and Greybeard hold their own, they were unable to remain unbreached by an onslaught of many points. Red and red again splashes on Hadriel’s once bright armor as his blood is driven from his body…and Hadriel falls.

As the flames from Izek’s fire began to eat away at the dry roof of the Inn, Talitha makes for her companions in dire need, with a black background of ravens behind her that flee from a high window. Talitha nimbly scrambles across the roof, dives from the eaves into the fight, and casts an orb of complete darkness as she lands.

Within an area of unseeing, the adventurers manage to make their escape back through the front door of the Inn, Greybeard dragging Hadriel behind him. By force of will, or perhaps a miracle, Hadriel overcomes his unconsciousness in the middle of the tavern floor, and the three adventurers flee through the back. But, they were not met with the rest of their party, instead they find themselves face to face with a raven, that in an instant, shifts and reveals itself to be the nude form of Danika, who offers them sanctuary if they follow.

Fleeing through the streets of Vallaki, Amaterasu, Ireene, and Ismark are halted by a well-dressed, white-haired man, who offers them a solution to their Izek problem, if they will accept an invitation from his mistress, Lady Wachter.

Amaterasu accepts.


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